Artisan Caterers freshly cooking spicy Street Food of exceptional quality for you at Markets & Events throughout the UK. We offer both Private Catering & Event Catering. A range of our foods is available at Selected Retail outlets. We also offer a Customer Collect service.

We also sell online a range of our fabulous homemade chutneys and our unique spice mixes for tea.
Our recipes page displays recipes and spices for your culinary pleasure.

Our food is of the highest quality. Whether it’s a banquet for Private Catering or snacks on a Market stall, we prepare everything from the raw, whole materials. We choose the best vegetables we can source. All our spices we grind and blend ourselves so they are just the way we want them. We use top quality oils and herbs. We cut no corners. We take the time needed to bring the best out of the materials we use. This loving approach to our work, plus the creative genius of our Singing Chef, produce the transcendental tastes that are our foods, for your delight.