Chef's Mixed Vegetable. A pungent spice mix, clove and cardamon tempered with fenugreek and given heat with red chilli and black pepper. A dry curry using onion, garlic and tomato puree, cooked slowly to preserve the flavour and texture of the seasonal vegetables.

Mixed Root Vegetable with Roasted Spices & Almond. A queen amongst recipes! The creamy sauce with added yogurt and the exotic nutty, smoky flavours of the roasted spices, enhance the intrinsic flavours of the root vegetables.

Mixed Vegetable with Tamarind. Sweet with a tart after taste, heat from the mustard oil underlying it all, slow cooked to preserve the flavour of the vegetables, tempered with fried onion seed and fresh green chilli.

Mixed Vegetable with Almond and Lime. Sweet, in a tomato based sauce, tempered with crunchy blanched almonds providing a textural contrast to the juicy vegetables. Onion but no garlic, with warming chilli and black pepper to follow.