Pulse Dishes

Chickpea. Floury chickpeas in a rich fiery sauce using fresh tomato blended with fresh green chillies and whole garram masala and a mix of green mango and pomegranate giving a hint of sweet and sour.

Chana, Urad & Karela. Both floury and nutty pulses compliment the gently bitter after taste of the karela sweetened by burnt garlic and curry leaf, all cooked in mustard oil to bring warmth.

Blackeye Bean with Coconut. These delicious, floury beans are made tender in a stock of fresh chilli and dessicated coconut creating a dish with a sweet and nutty flavour.

Red Lentil with Mango. A comfortingly warm dish sweetened with green mango, fennel and tomato.

Red Kidney Bean. Big floury dark red beans with plenty of substance set in a tomato rich sauce with a red chilli kick.

Green Mung. A thick rich green dhal with dried ginger and green mango.

Yellow Mung with Spinach. An extraordinary dish of unique flavours and textures from dry fried pulse combined with juicy spinach and lots of garlic.

Red Lentil Tarka. A thin dhal with strong flavours from garlic and fresh fenugreek leaves in mustard oil.

Toor Tarka. A thin dhal made from yellow split peas gaining complex flavours from garlic, whole red and green chiilies, and various whole seeds.

Yellow Mung with Fennel Seed. Another of chef's proud creations, terrifically tasty and satisfying with fragrant fennel and pungent fenugreek seed.

Chana and Fresh Tomatoes. A nutty bean in a sweet tomato based sauce. Perhaps our most popular dhal.

Red Lentil, Tomato & Coconut Milk A creamy rich dhal with a hint of coconut using red lentils, mustard seed and fresh tomatoes. A soothing dhal Sri Lankan style.

Cucumber Dhal. A floury bean with firm, juicy pieces of cucumber, this dahl, which has become one of our most popular, will amaze you!

Urad Tarka A dry-cooked dish with lots of browned garlic giving an earthy edge to the strong flavoured bean, with dried fenugreek leaf and red chillies.

Dill Dhal A fresh green taste with dill and corriander leaf added to floury yellow split pea comprising a thick dhal.