How to use I spice World Famous Pakora Mix to make Aubergine Pakora

Serves: 100g makes 2 - 3 portions
Making Aubergine Pakora of superior quality can be tricky. Using our World Famous Pakora Mix and following this recipe will make it easy to produce light pakora of exceptional flavour!


1. Empty 100g World Famous Pakora Mix into bowl. Gradually add up to 2 fl.oz cold water, mixing well. Add just sufficient to make mix begin to run.

2. Wash 1 large aubergine. Cut into whole rounds 3mm thick approx, one at a time, batter & cook immediately.


1. Deep or shallow fry in hot oil (170 C/190 C) until golden, turning once.

*We prefer to use peanut oil as this produces a light product. However other oils can be used.

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