Karela (bitter gourd) Dahl

Serves: 4
A superb recipe, created by our Singing Chef, of a nutty dahl with strongly bitter undertones.


2 karela - wash, cut length-wise, de-seed and soak in salty water for min 1 hour

150g yellow split chick peas & 100g urad - soak, washed thoroughly and cook


1. Heat mustard oil, add garlic. Cook till slightly brown.

2. Add mustard seed, allow to crackle 30 seconds.

3. Add curry leaves, then chopped karela. Stir well. Cook karela until soft, or until crispy (to taste).

4. Add onions. Stir well. Cook until soft.

5. Add capsicum. Stir well. Cook until beginning to soften.

6. Add coriander, turmeric and chilli. Mix in well. Cook for 3 mins.

7. Add tomato puree. Mix thoroughly.

8. Add dahls with water cooked in.

9. Add extra water as needed. Lid on. Simmer for 10 mins.

10. Salt to taste.